4 Friends and I are planning a trip to Ibiza this summer. We are all aged 16 and were wondering if our age will effect our time on the island. We understand the age limit for drinking and club entrance is 18. Is this strictly enforced? Any help or tips would be apprciated.
i believe it used to be 16, pinks.

but they changed the law. (i think)

just as well were over 18, eh pinks. ;)
i went to ibiza when i was 17 had no problems at all for 2 weeks went everywere i wanted.

If you go be carefull, you might think you grown up but going on holiday on your own isnt something you know about. A lad the same age as you got rapped in our hotel on a 18-30 bender last summer when i was there.
O WOW! Never even thought of Ibiza being dangerous..... my next question..... is ibiza dangerous... what are the stingy parts :p
LokiUS530 said:
O WOW! Never even thought of Ibiza being dangerous..... my next question..... is ibiza dangerous... what are the stingy parts :p


Firstly, IBZ is not dangerous (creepy, etc.) at all. Secondly, coming from NYC, the level of safety that you will feel in IBZ will make the island feel as safe as Disneyland.


im sorry but anywere for a 16 year old to be alone away from home alone can be dangerous.

i didnt say it was scary im just saying stuff like that happens and if you think it dont then you are being nieve.

Im mearly saying Be carefull thats all.
yeah that's kinda stupid... not to be blunt but i am going to be.... it's stupid to go to a country that is a lil bit away from london at 16, i'm only a year older and i'm waiting one more year... cause 16 you get drunk do stupid things, next thing you know all your money is stolen (cause you have all of it in your pocket) and you have nothing to do.... i'd wait 2 years or at least be carefull or bring a parent.... mine wanted to come last year but we never went.... i would never let my kids go that far away at 16 but i also live in the US and spain is very far... i dunno becarefull if you do
You will most def have no problems drinkin,gettin into the clubs. I mean, I'm 20 and I could easily pass for a young 18! I always remember last summer seeing a boy and girl in the Westend going in the bars and no joke - they must have looked 13. Anyway, the guys on the door WERE IDing them and it turns out they were twins that were actually 24 years old!!!!!! Just shows!!!!
I went for teh first time with my mates when i was 17, and had a great time. There were older folk withus though, like a 22 year old, and a few 20 year olds...

..all really depends how mature you are for your age imo
Well, neither have i coming to think of it :confused:
At least there were some folk there to keep me on the straight and narrow!!