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Just got a lovely little letter through the post saying I was caught doing 45mph in a 30mph area and a notice of their intended prosecution etc. presumably by a van as there are no actual fixed cameras in the place I was caught. Anyway, I have tried searching the internet but can't find anything. Basically, I was hoping someone would be able to tell me if this is a six point offence or not ?! And if the fine is still £60. As I was doing like a fair bit more than the limit I want to check this before I say I was driving as I could palm the points off on my old dear.

Hope someone can help...
Sorry i should explain a little more, i got caught doing 68mph in a 50mph last year and only got a £60 fine and three points so you should be fine.
have you thought of going on a speed awareness course? my wife had a speeding ticket and went on the course which costs about £80 for half a day and you don't get the three points (its run by expolice and advanced driving instructors) not offered in all areas though so worth checking
Hmmm, okay cheers guys.

I suppose only three points is good but as I'm under 25 this is gonna hurt my insurance too. But I'll say it was me driving. No courses offered in this area unfortunately. And just to rant, it was a van which was NOT "clearly visible". :spank:
your going to Jail. You batty hole is going to feel like the back of the bat mobile
I got done for 95 on a motorway a few Months back (not proud of it)

Back seat of police car, naughty boy lecture etc.

£60 and 3 points.

Yours will be an SP30 offence, mine was an SP50 but still the same points and fine.