HELP! With Creamfields


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I have just won 2 tickets for Creamfields :!: :!: :!: :p

Only problem is I need accommodation and finiding extremely difficult to find anywhere :cry: :cry:

Can anyone help me :?:
We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Liverpool, it's close too Lime Street station where shuttle buses take you to the site. Only prob is it is quite expensive but its all we could find that had rooms left, but we did book a few weeks ago. Good luck.
Glasgow Chick,

Thanks for the advice but the panic is now over. Got a cancellation at the Express by Holiday Inn (not City Centre) which is fine considering how late I am booking it :!: :confused:

While on the phone to the Hotel she let it slip that a few DJ's are staying at the hotel - perhaps I can blag a lift with them instead of catching the shuttle bus :lol: :lol: :lol:

Maybe see you and Macdonsj there :?:
Glad you found somewhere. I think a meeting point is going to be sorted for Creamfields today or tomorrow so look out for it on the site. Would be good to meet up with peeps from the board. See that you are staying at Xaloc apts. That's where me and my boyf stayed and they are really nice.

Maybe see you this weekend. G-C.
I rang this week for accom and only place i could get is the adelphi which is handy for the train station and the shuttle bus there and back
Cost more than what i wanted though but should be ok.
I ended up booking in Chester - its only a short drive away....But also taking a tent....