Help! Whats on at the beggining of June?!



Booked my holiday a while back for a week, June 9th till June 15th. Having now checked out the party calander have realised the following week might ave been a better bet as most of the opening parties seem to be in that week. Im into deep/dark/funky tunes so can someone tell me the best places to go and what its gonna be like (ie: busy or not?!).
:confused: Thanx
Space will be open on sunday, dc10 monday, pacha fri and sat night and maybe amnesia at the weekend too. Not too many big name djs, just locals and ressies, maybe that's better anyway. Sunset strip will be open as will pretty much all bars and restaurants. Try places like Base bar in Ibiza town
LOTTA OF FAMILIES....:)..that's what you're going for...hahaha just kidding dunno what's going on but check out the party calendar on the spotlight