Help us decide.....

Party Girl

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whether or not to book our flights to Ibiza yet!

My work has changed our holiday policy so if I want to get my annual trip to Ibiza I need to book my time off asap, which isn't a prob but I prefer to book everything at the same time. I dont want to do a last minute deal coz trying to get a cheap flight from Jersey to the mainland is almost impossible and there are no direct flights to Ibiza

Last year we flew with Flybe from Jersey via Southampton and got return flights for about £140, which was pretty good and it was a really good service but last year was their first season doing flights to Ibiza so I have a feeling they will put their prices up a bit next year. I have checked out Britannia and have been quoted £138 for a return flight from Gatwick and I have managed to find return flights from Jersey to Gatwick for £58 which makes the flights a total cost of £196. I don't think this a bad deal and normally I would snap it up but I would much prefer to go with flybe as it was so much easier than going to Gatwick (year before last we had to wait 8hrs at Gatwick :rolleyes: )

The thing is flybe haven't announced their flight schedule yet and I don't think they will until February and I think that this might be a bit late to book my hols at work. Plus I'm a bit worried that there prices might rocket and then I'll end up booking Britannia anyway.

I don't know what to do, please someone help me make this decision.
i always book my holidays at this time of year and never stick to them...though i have no chance of holidays in august, but i can easily book time in june or september
Although I think the prices are reasonable I wound not book. If I lived in the channel islands (i don't) then I would go for the direct flight.

If I were you I would book the time off at work and wait until Feb when Flybe announe their flights :?: Worst case scenario would be to pay a little extra for a direct flight - I don't think they would be more than £200 especially if you manage to book as soon as they are available.

Hope this helps ;)