Help to booking



Hi, im im going to Ibiza 29.05-18.06. Do u think i have to book hotel before arriving??? Im planning to stay at different locations.
I dont think its full at that time, since its not high season,
but u`l never know. It would have been nice to see the hotel before booking ;)
Another question. Iknow the Space openig i first in june, but what about the other opening parties. Do u think i will reach theme, or is it to early?
Its me and my girlfriend. We would like to stay the first week in San an and maybe then go to Ibiza town.
Space opening- Babs is queen here. I think they open a week earlier than most clubs unfortunately tho.

U could EASILY find somewhere out there when u land, U can book straight from this site as well, Coz theres two of u and its pretty early on it should be Dirt cheap.

Let us know if u need any help booking/ advice on apartments. LOTS of peeps have stayed in prob all the hotels in San an ;)
Thanks Nish :D Ì stayed at Hostel Valencia one time. It was very nice, and cheap.
Yes, probaly the first week. Do u know any better alternatives?
Not sure, Ill have to check, dont think every place is open that early. I could be wrong tho. end of the day u will DEFINATELY get a place out there for cheap. U looked at the booking options on this site yet?
Yes, think i`l use this booking service the first week.Then just look around when im there.
yeah Id definately recommend that u sort ur second week when ur out there, ull prob get a better deal that way ;)