Help the animals (and not the two legged ones !)



Hi does anyone (preferably living on the island) know if there is an animal sanctuary on the island? If so, where is it, and what animals does it cater for?

Any info on this subject would be appreciated.

Gracias mis amigos......
might find some in the west end,mainly pissed, warning tho there not locked up and may become dangerous when agitated and may become hostile to strangers.
there are animal sanctuaries on the island, run by both governmental and charitable organisations.

duo look after dogs
adda care for all animals
and there is a governmental organisation which takes care of all animals, wild, domestic, marine etc which are injured or ill.

hope this helps

do you need to know more as i know quite a few people involved in this field as i'm an animal lover myself.
Thanks Stephen, really helpful.

I would love some more info for a number of reasons. Mainly because my wife is very keen on trying to get work in such a place. We are coming over from London at the end of July (just for another visit at the moment), and would like to visit these sanctuaries - her dream is to spend her life looking after and helping injured, sick, or abandoned animals of any kind. She's had enough practice already with me!

Any addresses and contacts would be helpful.


PS I am new to this forum section (although not the site) and so not sure how to take this email private.
i think that with organisations like duo (mostly germans from santa eulalia) they rely on volunteers. i'll mail you some names and addresses.
S Express said:
Stephen did you move to Spain because animal loving is illegal in the UK?


*runs for the door*

Well, I wouldn't want to be a dog in Spain, no matter how legal dog-loving may be!