Help please!!!!!!!!


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Hi guys, right i want to spend all day in playa d'en Bossa, firstly i want to go to Bora Bora - does anybody know what its like on a sunday? Then later on i want to go to space as the line - up is pretty good on the week im over, (July 10th) however im staying in San Antonio Bay so it is a bit of a trek, does anybody know how much a taxi will be from san an bay to pdb because i dont want to go to space all sandy and dirty from the beach. :)
Last year a taxi was around 30 euros each way. There is a bus service which will be cheaper, but i guess it would take longer. You can google for a timetable. I've been to bora bora a few times and i'm sure on a Sunday. It's normally rocking. Kicks off at around 5pm.