Help please!


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I'm new to this forum so 'hello' to everyone! I'm hoping you can help me...I am going to Ibiza at the beginning of May with a group of friends. It is our first trip there and we are very much looking forward to just getting away from it all.

We of course would like to go out clubbing whilst we are there but are concerned as we know we are going before the clubbing season opens. The problem is that we are combining the trip with a hen do so we are very much dictated to by the timing of the wedding so the beginning of May is the only option....

So my question is - can anyone suggest some good places to go for music and dancing at that time of year? Are any of the clubs open? Is Cafe Mambo open?

Many thanks!!

There won't be much open until the end of May at the least I'm afraid. I'm not sure when Mambo will open this year but it will probably be around that time.

Pacha will be open fridays and saturdays...