Help please - where to go Aug. 19-29



hi! We'llbe in Ibiza between Aug. 19th and 29th and will only have money to go out two or three times :confused: - so we want to pick the best ones. Any suggestions?
It really depends what music your into.
Personally, Cocoon@amnessia would definetely be top of my list, and a hard choice between the following-
and if you into trance/hard house, then godskitchen and judgment sundays at eden.
Hope this helps
Hi, I've just come back and as others state it depends what music u want.

Trance - Cream at Amnesia - very very busy though, (same as home clubs)

Dave Pierce -Euphoria (pants and just like being at home)

Hard House - Judgement Sunday Judge Jules (like being at home but better)

Funky House - Soul Heaven at El Divino (excellent night)

Manumission - Privaledge - A truly amazing experience

Space - Sunday at the Terrace (daytime) - The best experience by far - nothinmg like this at home. Also Carl Cox is doing Thursday night during the week you go.

Pacha - Roger Sanchez - Monday nights - look out for Perfecto on Tuesday nights - incredible

For Me -

Space on Sunday daytime
Pacha Monday/Tuesday
Privalidge - Manumission
El Divino - Sunday (class music)
Amnesia - Cream Thursday

Skip Eden & Es Paradise (full of 18 year old drunks)

Pay around 40 euros admission to clubs (tickets from bars are sometimes cheaper than door price)

Drinks 8 euros - beer, water, etc 10 at Pacha. 5 euros the going rate for other things. :rolleyes:

Bars - Kanya, Cafe del mar, Bar M at San Antonio
Taxis - 15 euros from San Antonio to Pacha (ibiza) or 18 to space.
Disco bus from San A. 1.5 euro to everywhere.
Have a great time !!!!
What ever you do don't miss the terreca at Space on Sundays, also go to a few chill out places eg. KM5 which is real big bucks (you can even go after the terreca closes at Space) but is is well worth it.
Visit a few nice restaurants too eg. Bambuddha Grove, Kashbah!
Other clubs that you should go to are FOUR:FOUR at El Divino on Monday and Perfecto at Pacha and DC10, but then all depends on type music u like and style.