Help please...need good trance advice



Hey everyone...i need some advice. I going to ibiza for the second time with two guy that have never been to ibiza. we will we there june 7 through the 11, thats saturday through wednesday. I'm not sure which clubs i should go to because i went with experienced people last time, and in combination with too much e and have my mind blown from how awesome ibiza is, i really didn't pay attention to where we were going, talk about different clubs etc.

What i do remember, is i went to es paradis, don't remember the dj's name, but it was trance and i loved it, even though es paradis gets a bad rep for being on the west end. I have never been to the Ibiza city clubs, like privledge, pacha, amnesia, space etc. i went to el devino ( i think) to some mtv party, i didn't like it or the people or the music, was like deep house i think.

So, what am i asking?? well i like sasha, digweed, ya know trancey stuff, but i don't really know the names of the good dj's beyond these 2, progressive is cool too, like progressive trance, or hard trance, i like like mystical trance ya know? So where should i take my 2 virgins, and what nights should i go to each place ? are there any incredible dj's that i shouldn't miss while i'm there? i don't want to repeat any clubs unless there is a great dj or a better reason...we leave in about a week, so i would really appreciaate anyones suggestions thanks
Judgement Sunday and Clockwork Orange/Gallery are as said probably your best bet but looking at the line ups you will get some of the harder stuff thrown in with the trance eg Fergie.
ok, so its sounds like eden def for one do i choose between sunday or tuesday? how will each of those nights be different? also, what about the other nights? any recommendations there?
Go to both
All the other parties are house and not trance.
I don't know of anywhere else
There is a couple of smaller clubs in San An I remember going to one in 97 and it was trance, Havn't been since so don't know what they play.
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definately go to cream!!!! thursdays at amnesia, try Judgement sunday for the more easygoing "trance" there.......thats at eden, otherwise trancetunnel on sundays as a more aggressive edition at Privelege, luv that place!