Help please - is there anything going on in May?



I've got a week's holiday to take in May (probably second week). Does anybody know what Ibiza is like in May? Are any of the clubs open? Or even any of the bars in San Antonio? I went a couple of years ago during early September and it was heaving - absolutely brilliant. So I would hate to go and find at ghost town....
Any help much appreciated!
i been in may before when i was younger. san an wasnt empty but it wasnt busy. i think the bars start to open in may. non of the clubs though
Es Paradis is open mid May. I was thinking about going in May but seeing as none of the clubs are open I dont think I'll bother....
I was in Ibiza for the Easter weekend, and even though I didn't get to go, there were posters all over town saying that Pacha was now open every night. I don't know how good it is compared to high-season, but hey, any port in a storm!

Also, Cafe del Mar was open (and a lot more "civilised" than normal), and Ibiza town was quite lively. Just not sure how much of that was due to easter tourism though...

I'm out there 10th May for a few days. If anyone want to hook up let me know. Plan to do Pacha on sat night.