Help on Hotels Pleaase...


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Hi, this will be my 5th year in Ibiza, with varying company, previously I have stayed in Hostal Torres and Pacific Hotel with the girlfriend and in Sanfora and Catalina with the mates, I am looking for advice on the following hotels as I have had some good prices, location, facilities etc if possible.

Blue Star Apartment San An Bay
San Marino Hotel San An Bay
Monterrey Hotel San An Bay
Club Maritim Apartments San An Bay
Mar I Vent San An Central
Orvay Apartments San An Central
If you are aware where the Orvay, Monterrey and Maritim are located that would be a great help?


If you go to the hotels section of this website you will find a reviews section. I am sure there are some reviews on those hotels
The Majority of these hotels are in San Antonio Bay... not too far from the West End, but far enough! Its a little more quite which is a good thing! There's plenty of ways to get to all the places you want to get too, there is the ferry boat, buses and taxi's.

Iv stayed in the Monterrey and Blue Star before, no complaints for either.
The Orvay apartments are close to Central City and the Curry Club near Mambo. I thought about staying there before- great location and they have the pool on the roof.
Thanks guys, booked the Orvay, best location for sunsets, Mambo & Ibiza Rocks etc, a little close to West End but hey thats not a problem.. Any comments on the Orvay would be appreciated..x