Help Needed



I've posted this elsewhere on the forum. The I was looking for was played in the funky in Amnesia when Cream was there and then in the main room in Manumission. It is a really bright and happy tune with the words "I've Got So Much Love To Give You". I was told on this forum that that is the title of the track and it is by DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangaltier. I was just wondering whether or not it is on any ibiza complilation cd's either from this year or last year. Unfortuneatly I don't own decks so vinyl is no good to me
Together (Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon)- So Much Love To Give (Roule)

It was available as a CD single so you could probably get it on e-Bay if its not still available from a big chain record shop. But Thomas Bangalter never lets anything go on a club/ibiza compilation- it's against the whole Daft Punk ethos.