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I have a couple of mates that were made redundant last year and they set up a balloon company, weddings, partys etc.

They are finding times tough though.

They have entered a competition online to win some equipment for their balloon company.

Could I ask you to take a moment to click on their balloon race and boost their balloon, they are currently 6th and we need a big load of people to boost it up the leaderboard

You can boost it once a day

They are hard working guys and deserve a break, would love to see them win it.

the link


Thanks everyone 8)8)8)8)

Seems that the leader board updates every so often. I'm in Madrid airport now and boosted it again but the total miles stayed the same.
done and posted on another massive forum..

they will be number one soon.

i'd put on my facebook, but the friend i have on there is experiencing internet probs so no point.

(*edit 2: now no. 1 / with a gap building)
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This looks like it could snowball somewhat

I posted it on 3 forums and apparently it's being forwarded quite a bit.

Could be a landslide victory! :lol:

(Unless one of the others does the same thing, er...... keep boosting! :D)
More Boosts Needed!

If you can spare the time for one more before the weekend it would really help, as the rival balloon is fighting it out to the bitter end!!