HELP NEEDED! Ibiza tourism stats for 2002/early 2003


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I'm writing an article for the Times about Ibiza, and urgently need some hard stats to back up a piece about changing tourism patterns in Ibiza.

What I'm looking for is stats about hotel occupancy rates for the different Ibiza municipalities for 2002 (or even early 2003 if available). If independepent travel vs. package tourism stats are available that would be good too. I know that San An really suffered but Ib T, San Joan etc did well.

I have seached the Spotlight site and just came up with a mention about Aug 2002 ( which is Ok but does not have much detail.

Jorge Clapes, the turismo honcho, told me last year that package tourist numbers are dropping/independent travellers are increasing every year, but his dept does not have the data at hand to back up this!

All help gratefully received and a free Rough Guide Ibiza & Formentera (2nd edition) for the first person to come up with the goods.