Help Needed from an Island Resident ASAP!!

I am trying to locate and island resident who up until last year i have seen every time i come to Ibiza (10 years!!)

I know he runs his own business now, its a travel agent near the Wash and Dry cleaners in centre of san antonio. Its quiet near another travel agency in that vacinety.

His name is RAUL ( i presume its spelt like that)

What im after is either someone who may know him or the name of the travel agency so i can google and get the phone number etc.

Any help???
might be a long shot, but i thing i know what street you are talking about..

after looking at google map i found Carrer de Santa Rosalia, which is the street i think you are talking about.

try and google the name of that street and travel agents and see what you get back.

Good luck.

I think it may be puerto magnus???? I am not in ibiza until april so cant check , sorry.. just thought of something, a guy called gary hardy runs this business from the same office as the travel agent good luck