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Hey peeps, slight problem,

we fly out to ibiza on the wednesday my partners wages goes into his bank on the friday and he can only withdraw money from his bank from a lloyds tsb bank/cash machine or a post office are there any of these in ibiza?

we have tried to change his account from a cash to a current but not possible at this time so we're stuck!
what sort of acount does he have /plus what card does he hold.??? i don;t know any bank that states you must use uk atms only?
it's just a cash account and his statement claims he can only use it at lloyds atm's or post office even thou it has visa on the card! we tried it at a tesco atm and it just said there was a fault so it wouldn't let us use it.

I said about tranfering his wages to my account it does make life difficult due to direct debits and stuff but he said it will take two weeks to change it at work.

didn't know he could transfer it to my account himself
Can you trust someone back home with his cash card to withdraw what he wants to spend and put it in your account so you can withdraw in Ibiza?
does it have a maestro or cirrus logo on the card - if so - he can use it.... failing that - ask the bank to give you an overdraft to that amount and buy €'s