HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!



I want to come to Ibiza desperatly, Could someone tell me when would be the best date to come for the best clubbing, also, where is the best place to stay thats near all the best clubs??? ALSO, is their a minimal age you must be to drink or to attend these clubs????

I don't know if I'll be helpfull, but I think the best dates are the Openings and the closings... So it means early June and End of september...

For the accomodations, I don't really know...

To get into the clubs, you must be 18... but I saw people under that And as far you get in the club... You can drink!


:lol: :)

I went in August and it was warm/hot and very busy. Although, I would love to go one year for the openng and closing parties. The summer time is definately the time to go. June to September is the summer season. I don't know what time you are planning on going, but go during the summer season. Have a fabulous time! :D
June/September is less hot and less crowded which might sound like a bad thing but trust me it isnt.

July/August can be horrendous and prices go up.

As for where to stay - depends what you want.

San Antonio has the sunset bars and a couple of the clubs . It also has the West End - which is a bit like your typical Falaraki street - full of nasty pubs with young drunks. It's not a major problem though - there is a simple solution - if you dont like it , dont go there.

San An is good if you want somewhere with a lot to do on your doorstep at a reasonable price - and if you go for a hotel in the bay it can be quiet as well.

Then you have Playa D'en Bossa which is a lot closer to Ibiza town - and a bit more cosmoplitan. Space and Bora Bora are here and plenty of hotels. There are a lot of plus points to staying here but it can be a little more expensive. A lot of it is personal taste.

Then you have Ibiza Town which is more expensive again (generally ) and as the name suggests it isnt a beach resort.

If I was going for the first time my advice would be to go for San An Bay - and take time out to visit the other places so you know what will appeal to you for your next trip.

Hope that helps.
Good call comin' at ya. i agree totally. my first time i stayed in san an bay and im glad i did. this time round we've booked for playa d'en bossa. definately more my kinna place. :D