help me, whats this tune!



right then gang, here's a tune 4 ya
A few months ago I was in sankey soaps, I think it was around the beggining of october, and i heard this tune that absolutely blew me away. I was so busy discussing how amazing this tune was, that i forgot to ask the DJ what it was. If any of you are sankey regulars it was upstairs about 3a.m and it was this crazy tune with loads of bells chiming. Everytime we've been out clubbing since I have never come across this tune, when I try and explain it everyone gets the wrong answer. :cry:
well the challenge is set peeps! Like i said the most profound part of the track is when it all ends with just a huge crescendo of bells crashing!!
winner gets a jammie dodger and a dirty little lima!! :p
before i start investigating, id first like to rule out the following tunes:

Love Story (sorry, have to ask)

or DJ Chus prees Groove foundation - That feeling?

and it would be good if you could answer...

also what type of house is it?

any vocals? (male/female?)

who was djing?

is it big/popular?
first off i better clarify something!!
i was a wee bit trashed :oops:
but i wasn't dreaming this, because my girlfriend and another couple who were with us can support my claim
no, it wasn't laylo and bushwacka (who by the way i thought were pretty darn good when i saw them last!!)
the dj who was on, I think because I've only been to sankeys twice, was the resident up stairs. not a 'superstar' dj
his set was really strange it started kinda techno ..ish, with a lot of electro type pop...ish.
But by the end of the night, which i'll say again I was trashed, he was playing Take me with you, cosmos and other such funky house, but with a tough edge to it.
but this tune just stood out so was really hard to dance to but impossible not to dance to. It got to the big crescendo point and it was just a mass of bells that i just cant ever imagine sounding louder, dirtier or better ever again.
as you can see i get pretty worked up about this particular tune. blinding night all round to be honest. as sankeys closed fairly early, 3-4, we got in the car and drove to liverpool and went to the g-bar.
fun was had by all involved :D
maybe tomas vs. filterheadz - sunshine? it´s the only tune i know right now with "bells" (if you can call it so)
Song to find

I was in Kanya bar last year and there was a song that i liked that had a male vocal like ..... You , You, You not you, definetley not you. Does anybody have any ideas?
more clues needed

hard/progressive/funky........ (if not a clue name a tune it sounded like)

which clubs (and which djs) played it

name the mood it made you feel

other tunes you like (pm if they are really sad)

have got several massive tunes with bells in them from last year.......... might have to get to the point of mp3s by e-mail.......

BTW, where the f*** are the bells in DJ Chus or am I just plain funking deaf..... been playing that since god knows when last year (september or october) and NEVER heard any bells...... ????!!!! :?: :?:
oh, and lovestory :?: :?: please assist me in finding much hidden bell action in this tune.... I'm really concerned in case someone turns round and tells me that Tim Deluxe has some hidden male vocal in it that I've missed all this time!!!
this is absurd.
surely rustywoo, that is the match of the day theme you were just 'singing'?