Help me plan 31 Aug to 8 Sep


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This is my first trip to Ibiza. I'll be staying in PDB. I'm trying to iron out my schedule. Since this is my first trip I'm planning to hit all the majors. I've wanted to go for about 4 years now by my schedule hasn't allowed it. I'm from the other side of the pond but I like most genera of EDM, as long as its not weak. Give me suggestions as to what must go to event's I should attend in the missing dates below.

31 - Tiesto @ Privilege
1 - Armada / Release Yourself @ Amnesia (Armin is my favorite DJ)
2 - Subliminal @ Pacha (Unsure)
3 - Possibly Cream @ Amnesia (Don't know if I want to hit the same place twice within 3 days)
6 - We Love Space @ Space

BTW, I know this is the wrong sub forum but if anyone want's to link up it will be me and an amiga. Bilingual is awesome porque ella no habla ingles para nada.

So let's hear it. What are the must attend events during these dates?
Yeah I'll have a mobile device with capabilities of a computer. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll mark that down on the list.

Oh, don't be fooled by my handle. I just realized that might be misleading. I'm a dude. The name is something difficult to explain, a very regional specific narc jargon. Anyways, Let me know what's happening. Just looking to get obliterated and enjoy all Ibiza has to offer in a questionable state of sobriety.