Help Me Get Married!!



Hi All,
I am travelling to Spain and Ibiza this Summer (August) and would like to get married in a small ceremony on a beach at sunset. I would like to do this at the most quiet/ secluded beach there is. I can not have a civil marriage as neither I nor my fiance will be in Spain for 21 days prior to the wedding, but I would still like to find someone to perform the ceremony and figure out what type of arrangements would have to be made to do it on the beach. We definately want to do some clubbing, but I want to stay out of Ibiza Town as the pictures look like spring break hell (as do most of the beach pictures). Can anyone recommend a beach or point me to a website or info office for all of this? Most appreciated.

ps. We will be travelling through parts of Europe as well. I spin deep/funky house and Orlando Progressive House and would love to play at some parties or meet some folks while we are there. PM me for demo CD's/more info.
Thanks, Buckner
some just married couples go to cala conta during the sunset for the after wedding pictures!! ;)

cala conta yesterday: