Help ME found my JOBBBB !!!!!

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Hi iam Belgium DJ producer HAD a recordshop Called D-JAYZ ive playd here in europe with almost every DJ !!!!(from UMEK -2>Cristian Varela -2>Agent Orange-2>Mark Broom and more ...)
Here in Belgium my good friends are Marco Bailey , Redhead ,Dimitri Andreas ,Kozz ,Pierre ,Fred Nasen ,T-QUEST ,and i play as Dj LEXTER for techno and as Sammy Daviz Jr for HOUSE GROOVES ive played with Agent Orange last month of ghotham Grooves NEW YORK and have plans to produce with and for him !!!!!!!!!!!

But now i want to leave BELGIUM as soon as possible !!!
I want to get a living in IBIZA and i gonna do all i can to play there as DJ or LIVING there even maybe !!!! i take everything with me !!! now iam 30 years young Left my Girlfriend already +- 6months ,and ready togo TO IBIZA !!! :)
I wanna be a DJ THERE !!!!! (your NEW STAR) and produce also .(other work = also WELCOME) :lol:

I hope i here smoething back from you MAYBE you can help me find my DJ JOB at ibiza I take all MY flyers and posters with my names on ive got also 2 promos ready ill take with me !!!!
EVEN my COMPUTERS and SAMPLER i take with me !!!!
I've got videotapes when i play and you see about 5000 people going crazy out of there shoes on the dancefloor AND me iam a really showman !!!(héheh) :eek: :arrow: :arrow: :D

If i can have one HOUR ,iam deffently solded there !!!!!!
just 1hour to promove myself !!! for free .1/2hour = all OK

Many GreetZ ,
Biccler Sammy ,
Mail-me at or

ONE promise i going to do now !!! (I REALLY .GOING TO GO FOR IT) I Promise , :eek: :D :) :idea: ;)

in waiting and hoping to here from you and meet you there soon ,
With Friendly Greetz ,
Sammy Daviz JR ,

PS: i can leave here after 25 juli in 1 day iam there with my car and everything (fist have 2 organize a technofestival in BRUGES-BELGIUM)(GrooviN & HoPPiN)(if nessecary urlyer)
iam open to work anything even for the winter PS: me and MARCO BAILEY and REDHEAD are in ibiza playing @ 16Sept So if someone whants WE CAN ARRANGE a PARTY in IBIZA!!! i can arrange anything CHEAPEST !!!

Greetings ,
Sammy ,
:?: :arrow: :!: