help locating good Madrid Clubs



Hey all! I´m spending the year in Madrid, and while this city parties like no other, I´ve had trouble finding clubs I like. I guess I´ve been spoiled by Ibiza... hehe.

Most of the clubs (discos) here play pop music and some house... in short the stuff girls like. Aside from having a helluva time finding decent listings, I´m having an even harder time finding decent clubs to go to.

Does anyone who knows Madrid have any ideas?

saludos from spain-

hi nicmac,

me and a mate went clubbing in madrid two years ago.

best club we went to was SOMA - in which we were lucky enough to hear oscar mulero playing great techno, very detroitish - although i've never been to detroit ;-)

try don't know how up to date it is

other clubs were like you say 'ritzy' style (crap brand of clubs from late 80s uk) although i am sure there must be other underground places too - we just never found them. best bet would be to go to SOMA and ask the regulars there where else to go

good luck, it is a fabulous city!
Capital- pretty commercial, but a pretty impressive layout. It's right down by the Reina Sofia.

Joy Eslava- never been, but I've heard great things about it.
Hey Nicmac!

Try out Joy Eslava for sure. That club just has the most fantastic vibe about it, the people are amazing. Also the Pacha out there is pretty fabulous. I have never been to Capital, but I hear its very grandiose. Have fun, its one of the most charming cities I've been to. Fly out to Ibiza from there, its cheap! 8)
Re: Clubs in Madrid


Try Kapital on Sunday night, and Space inside Charmartin on Saturday. It goes on until 7:00 AM closes for two hours and then is opened till 2:00 PM. I also hear that the Opium is a good after hours club but I haven't been there yet. Like you I have only been here a year and I am still discovering. But be pre-warned, while Madrid is fantastic it is no Ibiza, actually very few places are.

Capital is BIG- 5 levels, I think. No jeans, sneakers, of earrings for guys. Definitely go. I think the main trance room plays commercial stuff, but the different rooms and the sheer size of the place makes it pretty incredible. It's in a big old theater.