Help id track from Blue Marlin.. got audio this time


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Ok. I’m trying to find what remix of Joe Smooth Promised Land this is. It was played at Blue Marlin and broadcast on Ibiza Sonica.
I have a link this time to the audio so hopefully will be more successful this time.

Youtube -


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if I was to post what I really thought about that remix some snitch would report me to the management so I'll let someone else say it

You, like everyone else on this forum, are welcome to express your opinion on any music, club, beach, DJ, restaurant or whatever. What you are not welcome to do is, as you have done in the past using numerous identities, viciously and verbally attack other members who do not hold the same opinion as you.

Kim Wrong Un

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Stephen, it was clearly just a jocular comment above. No need to take it seriously - as ever, intended meaning is often misinterpreted on the internet

+ in fairness, I haven't viciously insulted or attacked anyone on here in years - but if you dislike my posts or want me out, then unleash the guillotine. I'd probably get more work done.


You could email Ibiza Sonica -

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