Help, Ibiza in April 2009


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Hi all

I am off to Ibiza next weekend with a few lads on a stag do. However looking on various websites it seems that most of the clubs won't be open when we are there. Therefore can anyone tell me what clubs are open at the moment or good bars etc that we should be looking to visit.

We are going from 25th-28th April 2009

Any help would be much appreciated


Way too early.

The only big club open is Pacha, and most of the bars will be closed. It'll be like a ghost town - the summer workers don't even arrive till the end of May!
Really???? That's not good!!!

I've seen that Pacha is open on the Saturday night so that's one night covered but what about the Sunday/monday. We are staying in San antonio so are there any good bars that WILL be open that week?


sander kleinenberg is playing at pacha on the 25th april, should be good.

where are you staying?

the only ghost town feeling you'll get is if you in the port or maybe the west end at night.

everywhere else there is always something to do or see, plenty of places open.