Help i need a Tune



The Song was Played in MANUMISSION 2 Weeks ago and on Amnesia ESPUMA at Sunday and also last Sunday in ES PARADIS with DJ SAMMY (Birthday Party)..... Its house with a little bit rockguitar i thing and a mans voice sings "from New York USA to Londin in UK ..:" oder new York and La to the UK something like this ... some citys and USA / UK words...

The Africanism i cant find in the net but i think its another song
This is a total :D Manumission track- Planet Funk- Who Said (Stuck in the UK)

Goes something like...

I've never been to the USA.
I am a slave to the minimum wage.
Detroit, New York, and LA.
But I'm stuck in the UK.

I think the vocal is Gary Numan, and the big remix is by Moguai.

THATS THE SONG ! MANY THANKS !!! Yes in Manumission it is at Home HE HE