Help from residents


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:?: I have tried to get my wife to move to Ibiza for the last three years, but she is not that keen on the idea. I think she is unsure of what sort of life style this would give us both.

1/ Say I had about £70,000 to move with. What would this get me property wise? Can I get a mortgage for any remainder?

2/ What work is there for two Scottish people all year round and what sort of pay could I expect? (Both have managerial/financial experience, but no trade) Would I survive?

3/ Is a non resident allowed to taxi people?

4/ What is the equivalent to the council tax and how much is it?

5/ Are there any schools with both British and Spanish kids?

6/ What is the general cost of living and how much do you need, roughly, to survive a month? (bills etc)

I could adapt to the more relaxed way of life, but I need to be armed with some postive advice and tales from you lot.

Cheers, Dirk