Help for October please


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Hi guys, I am trying this forum haven't had much luck on others :cry:

My partner and I are going to I are going to Ibiza for the first time on 3rd October, (managed to get a week without the kids :)) but I was surprised to see all the closing parties seem to be in September.

We are keen clubbers and have been looking to see what is open. I have seen that there is Matinee at Amnesia, can anyone tell me what kind of music this is? Also, we seen that Space had their closing party on the 4th October, but it has been removed from the ibiza spotlight calendar. We were going to buy tickets for it now but don't want to risk the money if it has been moved/cancelled.

Also, does anyone know when the Amnesia closing party might be? And lastly, if all the big clubs are closed, is there still plenty of smaller party places going on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :D
No point going on Oct 3, all the closing are prior to that, Amnesia's closing party will probably be combined with the Matinee closing party, as far as I know Matinee will be held in the main room and the Amnesia closing will be held at the terrace.
I fly over on the 3rd October as well Beanie and share your concern over the Space closing!

Sure there will still be plenty parties that week though! :)
same here, we booked from the 29th sept till the 8th oct, we were gonna have a crazy first few days, then chill out.
tbh, i dont think that there is much loss in missing space, it was too busy for the opening anyway
Amnesia Closing Party

Says on the calendar that its on the 3rd October, can anyone confirm if this is correct? If so can't wait :D