i'm from ibiza, if you need help or want to meet, mail me! or send me a pvy msg
technoboy might just be the contact you need for something in ibiza.
you never know.
you misunderstood me!!!!
it can sound a little sad, but my friends had their party years, before, and now thay are not very interested in going out.
i had internet friends that came to ibiza for first time, and i went out with them and i felt like i was living again the nightlife in ibiza like the first time.

im not a dealer, i just want to party:)

haha no man we weren't implying you were a dealer. no way!!!
that's actually a really nice thing mate. I'll be out there the whole season so if you're ever stuck for going out you can hook up with us!!! :D
thank you!
ready for the summer??!
i already bought my clothes!

IBIZA virgin

hey this is my first time to come to ibiza.... it will be on may 9-11? 3 nights i dont wanna remember, if u know what i mean... can u suggest places to go on the Friday, saturday and sunday?