Hello Ibiza



:p Hey you out there.

I'm a totaly smily boy age 22 that also are going to Ibiza on my own. I live in Denmark but in the moment i'm in vancouver Canada.But the 24/4 I fly to Frankfurt Germany and the 25/4 I fly to Malaga to visit my aunt who have a house there.But after a week ore 2 I will be going to Ibiza to work and have the best time of my life.I hope I can stay there until september.
I'm the best when we are talking about meeting new peopel and get along.I like to dance,have fun and the rest of the things that goo along whit that.
If there is any boys and girls who like to have a totaly fun summer are you more than welcome to contact me.My email: Iman.dadi@mail.dk
If you want a picture so it make it easyer for some one to meet please send a mail.Hope to meet some of you :D
Hallo Ibiza

:confused: Change of plans.
I'm not going to visit my aunt in Malaga.But I go directly to Ibiza.Cause I can hear that if I want a job and a place to stay,I have to go now.So I will be arriving Ibiza on fredag the 25th of april :)
Maybe there are some of you danish boys and girls that is going to.We could maybe keep contact down there :D
Could someone maybe tell me where it would be bedst and cheapest to go from the airport and find a place to sleep?