Hello Everyone!!!!

Rebecca G

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Hello everyone!!!! I tried to call and meet with some of you and it didn't work out. :cry: No hard feelings. My trip to "La-La Land" was a blast. Great meeting up with everyone @ the Pink Panther. Sue rocks!!!! I meet a ton of cool people and many thanks to Ana y Romi. Thank you for El Divino and the drinks. I luv Louis Vega!!!!! gulp gulp :D It was sooooo much fun hanging out with you @ Bora Bora. I won't be on this site for a while, so anyone that wants to keep in contact... I'm on Facebook or just e-mail me @ beckygogo@hotmail.com. Next adventure....catch up with course work and my editing projects.

No dinero for Acapulco in March:cry:...may begin saving for a another trip to IBZ in July. Check out my new pics. I'm on www.tillate.com as well at F*** Me I'm Famous on 9/18. Have fun and take care!!!!

lovely to meet you sweetie, look forward to seeing you dancing around the pole again next year lol xxx would put the piccy of you and emma performing but dont know how to to do it lol.......