Hello.....and Ibizamar Apartments



:D Heh folks,

Just booked up for an unexpected 2 weeks on the dancing Island!!! Really looking forward to coming over and will be scanning the pages for good advice over the next two weeks.

We're coming over on the 26th and are staying at the Ibizamar......has anyone any ideas about this place. I did a search and it seem to be cool.

Looking forward to some chat and maybe meeting some folk when we gat over. :lol:
Some friends of mine stayed there and said they were really good. I know where they are and they've got quite a good location.

Might see you over there coz me and 25 others go over on 24th for a week.

I can't wait :D
Cheers for that Helen!!!!

25 plus....now that is what I call a posse!!!!!

I am from Glasgow, where do you come from? :D

We are really looking forward to it!!!!!

There in San Antonio Bay Kitten.

When are you going over???

Or have you been already!!!
Planning on going for the first two weeks in September-nothing booked yet.

San Antonio Bay is definitly an option. Where did you book it?
We booked a week ago in some Holiday Hypermarket place.

If ther are a few of you going....I would book a villa and then flights. my mates are out there at the moment and did that. They are having a great time!!!!

I would have gone for Ibiza Town but it was going to be too expensive.

NICE!!! ;)

I know a few folk from Paisley for my sins. :D

It would be good to meet up at some point if you are up for it. We are going for two weeks, with the plan being to take it relatively easy!!!! :eek:

Well thats the plan anyway!!!