Hee hee, Ibiza was Awesome! And now Mykonos is Awesome!


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There is really not enough time for me to tell all just yet, there will be plenty of time when I am back in Houston sitting at my desk. So I shall keep this brief.
I had a f*cking blast!!
Anything lucky that could happen to a person, happened to me.
I go-go danced at Cream at Amnesia last thursday, met DJ Tiesto, got a picture with Tiesto (soon as i get back I will post) got a pic go-go dancing. Met Roger Sanchez on Salines beach. Didn't pay to get into one club the whole time i was there. Danced on the speakers at space with carl cox and I was the only person they let stay up there! It goes on and on and on. Everything went so great. I think I fell in love with an Italian from Milano, who just so happen to want to take us to the best beaches where we were wined and dined and massaged all over. OH I have to stop.....
I would love to go into further detail about this but I am going to meet some new Australian friends for dinner in town.
Ibiza was indeed gorgeous, but I have never in my life seen water like this water here in mykonos, it's insane! (Athens however is hideous)

Oh and one more thing, Pacha is way too crowded. Even though I was in the Vip it was still too crowded. i think my favorite club was amnesia.
oh life is good.
now for me to back and try to ride this damn scooter thing with all these crazy people driving.