hed kandi


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whats the music like ?? what type of music is it, and whats the crowd like?

one of mates wants to visit on the saturday we get there (though i would prefer to see sander k at pacha).
sander k at pacha sounds sweet mate, but u MUST check out Kandi! The best music IMO (of all the nights I went to anyway). Funky tunes, kinda like morillo's style from last year, -tracks from defected, subliminal, etc
Top crowd, no attitude (which was something I was worried about myself) but its all good ;)

Theres a few posts on Kandi on the board already, heres one to wet ur appetite! ;


U could always do both nights. If ur like ur funk do finish the night with kandi. Pacha's bar is also slightly more expensive- but its air conned!
HarryHotspur said:
the hed kandi cd's are deep house, right?

but the music inside the club, is it akin to what MOS play?

(i hope not)

Hed Kandi are more 'disco house'

Obviously some of the CD's are chillout.

Not keen on most of the CD's cos they aren't mixed.

The Base Bar CD's they have mixed are great though.