Hed Kandi - Twisted Disco 01.03

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Dr Fox

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Purchased this lil beaut yesterday. Feeling another fix for my evergrowing funk habit was needed soon, spotted an ad on the back page of the Metro free paper. Hed Kandi had fired off another compilation reportedly "Deeper Darker and more dangerous than the aveage Kandi." B@stards never told me!!! Not one to miss out on such a promise, I got in my white banshee and rocketed off to HMV, faster than Linford Christie's lunchbox. First impressions? I'm not going to lie and say it's more exciting than knowing Holly Vallance has asked me to go to her hotel room for some fine wine and Belgian chocolates, but it is, at the end of the day, excellent listening. Of late, I've spent a small fortune on all that is Kandi and perhaps, I've wateredown my unseemingly thirst for all that is funky, and I'm still looking for the Holy Grail of CD's. This is probably why it didn't set my undercrackers into a blazing inferno...no, it merely serves more as a cozy country fire. Here's the track list for any fellow funksters:

CD One

1. X-Press 2 - Call That Love (Rob Rives remix)
2. Gene Williams - Strawberries (Baby Girl) (Live Element club mix)
3. No Angels - Let's Go To Bed (Mousse T mix)
4. Bob Sinclar - The Beat Goes On
5. Bini and Martini feat. Su Su Bobien - Say Yes (vocal mix)
6. Therese - Monkey (Stonebridge mix)
7. DJ Gregory - Tropical Soundclash
8. ATFC - Transparent (ATFC's 12" mix)
9. Kurtis Mantronik presents Chamonix - 77 Strings (club mix)
10. Glasgow Gangsta Funk - Cutey Pie
11. Cassius - The Sound of Violence (2 Min Warning mix)

CD Two

1. Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (original club mix)
2. Sono - Blame (extended mix)
3. Sandy Rivera - Changes
4. Eclipse - Take Me Down (6 Underground) (Bini and Martini's old school mix)
5. The Barrow Gang feat Bonnie Bailey - Reckless
6. Pure Orange feat Shane Nolan - Feel Alive
7. Syntax - Pray
8. Eddie Amador - Psycho X Girlfriend (exclusive re-edit)
9. Andrea Doria - Bucci Bag
10. Who Da Funk feat Jessica Eve - Shiny Disco Balls (main mix)
11. Watkins - Black AM (King Unique vocal)
I'm still waiting for my copy, German Amazon is so slow! But I'm totally looking forward to it, you can never go wrong with Kandi, can you? ;)
no you can´t -

but on the other hand i ask myself: who needs this compilation which contains tracks which are partly 8 months old??? (e.g dj gregory - tropical soundclash) :eek:

indeed, they´re all great tunes, but somehow it reminds of this little pic i saw somewhere in this forum which described precisely such compilations :D

anyway, dr fox and all other kandi-lovers, don´t be offended...
I know what you mean, Peddy, but they also always have some so far unreleased material on them. Plus, the Kandies are always filled with such treasures that you will still love in many years to come and then it just won't matter if they were brandnew when the CD was released or not.
Finally got mine, and I'm trying not to exaggerate when I say that IMHO this is the best Kandi ever! Love it love it love it :p
I listened to this yesterday and I thought it was terrible. CD 2 was full of really badly produced 'euphoric' s**t. House music by numbers.
daltvila - personally i think Disc Kandi 4 is the dogs, closely followed by 5. Just done my own best of compilation and it's all funked out...i'll post the track list tomorrow and you can tell me what you think.

CAY - you are entitled to your opinion, like I said, I don't regard it as their best...not by a long way but it's still a quality foot tapping compilation if ever there was one.

A word of warning, bought Mastercuts Bar Life (for 19 squid!!!????!!) the other day, as it promised it was "the funkiest pre-club mix around"......what a crocodila-shit. I'm sorry but on the pre-face of that statement they should be fined for trades description....now if it had said "the Funkin' sh1test pre-club mix around" I'd have agreed full heartedly.....stay away from this sack of cack at all costs....it put the ham in shank! :x
jord said:
simpson tune is the best on hed Disco kandi 5!!!!!!!!

Jord - u have very good taste! Good to see that u youngsters like it like that!

Try and get out of the west end this year. Even if it's just to Hed Kandi in the backroom at Eden!
Took Mastercuts Bar Life back due to being complete shite and swapped it for Beach Life......much more like it! Funky first Cd and second laid back funkathon on the other Cd. However a mate purchased a live recording of Graeme Park for 5 quid in Nottingham over the weekend and it's on fire. Quailty, quality, quality. Just goes to show, you don't have to buy expensive to come up with the goods.
Try Sanzo Panza Carnival for some funk with a twist. The best CD I purchased at the end of last year!
Interesting Mr Bigler, is it readily availabe? Always up for adding to my rapidly evolving library. To be honest i've never heard of it. Saw an album called Audio Couture which looked fantastic but I had to curb my spending...that was in HMV.
the dogs honest.

trust me!!!!! if you thought twisted disco was good. wait till you hear disco heaven (the new one)... It's the mutts. and they're supposed to be doing mix cd's sometime this year. If it's Matt Collins, you'll HAVE to get it. was at Pacha last month and he rocked it as well as being their ressie in Ibiza for two years, he Kicks arse.... If you haven't already been to any of their night's yet in England check the website cos they're all over the place n it's well worth going.
Yes yes yes! The Ibiza parties were the best! Have Soulfuric to look forward to this weekend in Cardiff - anyone seen these boys before?
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