~~ Hed Kandi - Sheffield 04.10.2003 ~~




What can I say ? Without fail .. duly delivered, one long long party ! I know what I have running through my veins ... tis PURE Hed Kandi !

Can there be a better night that creates such a rush of happiness ?

I really don't want to pick it to bits and mention individual tunes because what matters is that from beginning to end the music flowed and the people danced! (And that's what it's all about!)

Thank you!

P.S. Can I have a job please? :D
John Jones .. Luvverly fella ;)

We had to leave early as Mike is working a 15 hour day today (stock take) ... I so didn't want to leave :(
Ahh .. but I was there ... as was Stone and Jonesy .. and N8 and Mamboladygirlie .. so I guess you could say ... a huddle of Spotlighters .. oh, and my sock!
why what time are they open till at the mo?

also i'm a little confused. :rolleyes:

didn't gatecrasher and bed share the club - the republic....?
bed's at a different venue isnt it?! Now Im confused. Kand's only open till 4 in sheff, but 6 in newcastle. or nottingham. somewhere beginning with N anyway
Bed is a different club ... Republic/GatecrasherOne another ..

Sadly it's only open till 4 ....... but, there are always parties to party at ...
WeLuvIbiza said:
Opened until 6am for Roger S. the other week, so it must be possible licensing wise

Thats what I thought, so it might be the Kandi people who prefer it to end early????????
Noo .. it depends on the night .. tis usuall 10 - 4 ... but some nights they do open later ... and to be honest, it's never 4, more usually 5, that it closes .....

However, New Year it will be till 6