Hed Kandi - rough lasses on stilts


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Lordy, what were those things on stilts 20.9.08.

One looked like a pike. It was a pike. Now they must have been ....err.... inexpensive.

Last year there was more able (and attractive) bar staff.

I mean at Eu 60 on the door and 10Eu for beer, more for spirtits, gangsters as friends (I met some of them in June - ill fitting bright jacket, like 'sexy beast', but not. He said : "Im staying on 'is boat just 'ere, 'es got 14 of these clubs, so i dont mind buyin' a drink orf 'im even at these prices" --he was still waiting 15 minutes later, we chatted about all sorts, a most intriguing lifestyle)

So, said owner of El Divino and the Hed Kandi crew ( attendants - that airline thing - pathetic) behave. Its too crowded and just not fun. They must expecting this to end soon.

Im not going anymore, even if the billed musicians are actually kept to play as billed and turn up which neither did on either of my trips this year--theres more fun to be had for less everywhere. It was once a nice little club but will could damage HK if they stay on there.

Nice location.
Are you still on something? that was the ramblings of a post holiday mind if ever I read one..

its worse that mine when I first got back :lol::lol::lol:
Hed Kandi in being crap shocker.

It was good in 2000-2002, anyone going along since then is just FAILing.