hed kandi question


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hi :)

can someone tell me what to expect from hed kandi? what type of music is played on the night, and what type of crowd is present?

sorry if i appear ignorant on this, but i'm basically into tech-house and prog. sundays @ space is more my type of thing. and you can mostly find me at bedrock or fabric (with regards to london).

so any info on this would be great. might try some different nights when i'm out there come september....

hi, hed kandi at el divino is a funky disco house night, mostly uplifting tunes, such as mambana - libre, junior jack - esamba etc! Sexy podium dancers, disco glitter balls, nice friendly crowd and plenty of good lookin gals!!

i had a great time there, lost the friend i was with and danced my arse off on my own all night!!

top night!
I think you summed it up nicely monkeh. I went on Saturday and had a superb time. Had a meal in the restaurant at El Divino beforehand which was delicious. And then moved into the club to dance the night away. Superb music, superb atmosphere, you'll love it. [/img]