Hed Kandi Pool Parties


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Hed Kandi are supposed to be doing pool parties at Hotel Es Vive...
Does anyone know when these are happening??
No but I'm there from Friday (did I tell you that I'm going to Ibiza on Friday :p ;) ) so I will report back to you when I get back.
Robder said:
What's that?? I speak to so many people on here and I seem to have forgotten who you are. :p

It's me, the annoying blonde bint who you can't get rid of :p

I shall report back and let you know what day Hed Kandi is at Es Vive, that is on assumption that I know what day of the wk it is which is maybe being a tad optimistic on my part :p ;)
Barbie said:
which is maybe being a tad optimistic on my part :p ;)

Very true! :lol:
Just give a conservative estimate - something like this will do -

"Somewhere between Monday and Sunday by a pool on an island just off mainland Spain with a few trannies" ;)
Rob, Hed Kandi are doing parties at Es Vive on a Saturday night (warm up for their el devino night), plus one other night i don't know which.
Robder said:
Surely if it is a pool party (as advertised) then it will be during the day??

I'll let you know when I get back, I might have trouble with my days but I can normally tell the difference between day and night :p ;)
yeah - deffo get the details Barbie.

A bit of full on lounging at Es Vive sounds very appealing the night before Space....not sure if i can handle anything more than that!
Mark Doyle is good mates with Jason one of the hotel owners. He was always around the hotel last year. Got some promo's off him :)