Hed Kandi Opening @ El Devino (28/6/03)



Didnt stay there very logn as we had to get back to get our flight home (stayed till about 3.30am tho :)) When we were walking there we bumped into 3 beer boy types guys walking out about 12.30am!!! they said "its crap in there guys," i nearly laughed at them.....leaving at 12.30am, its barely got going, and they cant possibly appreciate good music when they are used to listening to DJ Sammy every night and getting so wasted that they pass out on teh dance floor in Eden at 2am!!:) At least it filtered out soem fo the usual San An nobs :)

Anyway, fairly quiet early on, as you would expect. first time in El Devino and i was impressed, although a bit too much of a VIP-feel to the place, as you kinda feel like they are being far too exclusive and up their own arse with all teh cordened off areas and private dinner tables and stuff. Not as nice as Pacha IMO tho, but the view over the harbour was really ncie, if nto a bit too overcrowded. Music was def different (havent heard any Hed Kandi stuff b4) but got going about 2.30am, and there was a lot of nice women too ;)

by the time we left there was a big queue and it began to look like they were being VERY selective and VIP-only so go early i reckon. Small sized club too, esp after being at monsters like Privilege and Amnesia!! Worth a look, and def better than Retro@ Eden which i hear was *****!! and really empty. Def worth it to see El Devino if you havent been there, and cheap tickets too at 23 euros pre bought. Also if 3 or more of you get a taxi they refund your fare if you give them the reciept at the door, very easy to do and saves you 15 euros :)
Was talking to a couple of the hed kandi chaps about this last night, got to drive upto liverpool now and already late but will post up what i heard tomorrow........
N8 said:
Was talking to a couple of the hed kandi chaps about this last night, got to drive upto liverpool now and already late but will post up what i heard tomorrow........

the anticipation is killing me!!

Boo, hello. Was asking the kandi guy how the night in ibiza was going and mentioned that people had said there were a lot if scally types there. Got a bit of a round the houses answer, "you know how it is like mate" i think it comes down to the fact that they've got to make the night successful and dont want a half empty club so are promoting it as much as they can to everyone.........
just got back and am glancing througha few reviews. Not feeling to hot at the moment. Hed kandi was a great night last saturday. The DJ was nuts and gave a great set. Highly reccomended

Hi Everyone ...

Thanx for all your comments ... I've just read another set of comments
about how we had too many rough lads in there... and weren't really
controlling the door ... so it's a difficult thing to balance...

All we can say is come down and we'll put on the best night possible ,
The music will be amazing , the decor will be fabulous ...and the crowd
will be as good as you make it !

Ibiza is a very very odd place to do business ... you can be very busy and far too cool or very busy and far to rowdy... and occasionally get it just right ... give us time we're doing our best...and thanx for coming down !

mark doyle
I was on the opening of Hed Kandi. A very special party. No star djs but exellent music. The ambiance was really chilled. A true Hed Kandi experiene. The VIP section, especially on the terrace, added a flavor to the night.
It didn't get started till 4 AM. I left at 7 and the crowd were still going.
The decor can be imroved and it will be great to add some light effects.
Hed Kandi still attracts the best of clubbers. By the way I entered at 3 in the morning and only saw few beer boys; But it was still a surprise to see them in Hed Kandi.
I think Hed Kandi doesn't need to promote his nights in San An!
I played El Divino for Hed Kandi the second weekend (July 6) and it was an absolute stormer. Very stylish crowd and hands in the air most of the time. Definately the best party I've played in Ibiza. /StoneBridge
Good to hear the el divino night was better the second week,nice one stoney :)