Hed Kandi mix


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I was in Savannahs or Mambos (cant remember which one) in July this year and some lady came round and gave me and my mates a CD (Hed Kandi mix 2003)

Cant stop playing it , some class tracks on there

StoneBridge "put em high",
Prospect park "spinnin"
"blue skies"
"surrender your love"

Theres loads

Anyone else get their hands on this while they were over there??
that the sampler cd? Quality f***ing tunes on that :p

I got 2 coz I bought it in the uk, but got a couple free when buyin Kandi tickets in Ibiza!
Thats a point I keep meaning to ask if someone who is going over for the closing parties can get hold of one of these and post it on to me, or even a couple.

So anyone from uk flying over who doesn't mind doing that would be greatful.
don't have hmv or whatever here

and why pay £5 when someone could post me one for the cost of a stamp?

some of us aren't made of money ;]
Yeah "Put Em High" is one of my faves too, i luv the mix with "spinnin"

Too be fair its an absoloute bargin even if you have to pay a fiver for it

I cant stop playin it
Blue Skys & Surrender your love is my fave, put them on repeat when i was gettin ready fri night. And did i care that my housemate had to listen to them over and over again?........................nope :p

And i like the last one....... Do you got funk, or sumfink like that :p
Been playing that Hed Kandi mix CD non stop since I got hold of it in July, it's excellent. When Peyton - Higher Place (track 9 on the CD) was dropped on Saturday night at El Divino I thought I was going to come in my pants, the place erupted!