Hed Kandi - London


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Went to Pacha:London on sat for the Hed Kandi night.

Had a bit of trepidation, it was our first night clubbin since beefa, would it be as good as el divino? were we gonna expect too much?


Pacha looked as good as it can, there were sexy dancers aplenty, a drummer and sax player who could play in tune/time (a rarity in my experience), excellent live pa's ( esp Payton with that Higher Place song which is on their freebie ccd), a proper flashing disco floor etc.

Very mixed crowd, loadsa sexy boyz, girls, black fellas, white dudes, even a few trannies.

Great music. It's never gonna break boundaries but it sure gives the kids what they want. I heard pretty much every big tune of the moment (shake it, e samba, that one with the trumpets from that horny, horny tune, that one with the bird going "this is house music" on it, all your favourites)
and quite a few disco classics too.

Quite unheard of in London, people were acutally smiling on the dancefloor. And not in a druggie way but coz the music was making them happy. Bet Sacha never gets that ;)
we went to go to Hed Kandi beginning of the year, i think it was, but the queue was as long as a milk round. What was queing like Rusty? Cos I'd really like to attempt HK again! :D
I also went to Hed Kandi for the first time on Sat and thought that the crowd there was excellent, not the sort you would normally associate with the bigger darker clubs, ie Fabric/Turnmills/The End. I had heard that it was fairly pretentious(sp?) but what I found was good looking people really enjoying themselves.

The music was quality - funky house but really quite uplifting and happy and yes people were having an excellent time!

If you are looking for a good night out and a clubbing experience that is different to the rest of the UK then this has to be it. It terms of queing, we got there early (10.00) and walked pretty much straight in and it was kicking by 11.00.
I have heard a number of good things about Penge Party - is it worth going to? Will it be a busy night?
Well - Penge can be a bit tricky to get in to as its usually an invite only sort of affair..........but as with everything there are ways around this.

If you log onto the website - www.pengeparty.com and register as a member then you should get the mailers which tell you the when and where etc. Or if you know the right people then its even easier......just ask around.

Its a great night though....v "in the know" crowd and prob of a similar sort to what you saw at Hed Kandi. The music is always v funky and upbeat and they use a lot of live percussion and trumpets etc to make it memorable....a lot of the crowd have been going every month for years and so its got a sort of "regular" feel to it which I find very rare in any club in London.

They use Pacha London a lot as a venue but do move around and Penge being Penge they always fill each venue that they choose, no matter what size - demand for tickets is high. All the venues are usually pretty up-market though and the one this sunday was really nice - Elyssium...not everybodies cup of tea I would imagine....but then funky house nights are better suited to nice venues in my opinion.

Well worth checking out....its not a promoted night at all - which makes it really.....only people of a like minded nature would ever go to it. ;)

Maybe see you at the next one then?
Sounds good! Will speak to my friends who I think are going this week.
On a similar vibe to Hed Kandi & Penge is Dirty at Nylon club in the city. First Saturday of the month.

As with Penge it's not really promoted as it's busy every month anyway. Lot of regulars but not clickly.

Check it out.