Hed Kandi in Birmingham

lil' Joey

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Ok Birmingham, you can't say you have not been told. Hed Kandi are back again for their monthly slot at Bambu, on 5th December. Lets make it a good one, with a nice big crowd. Pacha have to turn people away, and so do BED in sheffield, so lets try and creat the same atmosphire in the midlands.
Come and enjoy yourself, go on you know you want to :D
Pacha and Bed are good clubs though (if you overlook the dirtyness of Bed but it was amazingly a fair bit less disease ridden last time i went,shocker) while Bambu is gash.

Hed Kandi would be better in brum at a decent bar in Arcadian or somewhere.
Bambu is ok, just needs a better crowd. And more of a push to find the Kandi Birmingham crowd. They have been promoting quite hard last week, so we will have to see what happens
They have good nights on, the clubs are just bad venues, and a rip off.
Rocket Club ;)

I'm totally seething that i'll prob have to go Hidden on the 20th for my mates birthday though.