Hed Kandi dangerously busy


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Well, I went to Hed Kandi, 20/09 and found it the most ridiculously busy club night I had ever been to. There was no room inside, or out and people were actually dancing on the stairs leading to the toilet.

When are they going to make the logical step and move. Pacha for me looks like a sensible option as El Divino is way too small, and it slightly ruins your night when you constantly have to keep your elbows up so you dont get knocked about.

Also, as a side note, I was so disapointed with Bora Bora this year. Turned up at 16.45 and the music was so quiet you could not here it, then when the music finally came on, the bar was seperated from the beach and there was a rather intimidating security guard on the door. Ultimatly, we did not venture back.
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I was there that night and didn't find it too busy - sure there are much worse nights in Ibiza. Was my first time at Hed Kandi and found it a little too cheesy. Love most of the classics they were playing, but one after the other was a bit much. Although it was sandwiched in between two awesome nights at Pure Pacha and We Love…

Totally agree re Bora Bora. First time I went to Ibiza it was the absolute highlight of the trip - best bar I’d ever been to - but now its pretty lacklustre. It's still a great place to congregate on the beach and there are plenty of characters about, but it used to amazing with people dancing on the tables and really going for it in the afternoon.
Bora Bora 2007 Sept can still nearly bring me and my mates to near tears we had that much fun.

Move on 8 months, security everywhere, police everywhere. Well, a few of them.
The Supposed closing party at El divino

Sat 30th was meant to be the closing party for El Divino (but they have snuck in an extra date this weekend) and it was a disgrace. It was dangerous (and I am 6 3") The queue for the girls loo had to be seen to be believed. I'm never going back there whether it is open or not
for me el divino is one of the most over hyped clubs on the island, it's old and grotty inside and in great need of updating or knocking down :arrow:
I went for the first time on the 27th and THANK GOD I had some *great* spotlighters lure me over to Amnesia. That HedKandi was the biggest cheesefest (as has been duely noted on here many times before) and I really regret buying the ticket. I'm gonna do my vacation review this weekend but just had to make a comment here first. :)