Hed Kandi B'ham this friday!!!!

Birmingham is a great place, but often gets bad press. I have been born and raised here and i love it. But i will say clubbing gets more friendly the more north you go. But any way, a good time will be had by all on Friday night, Promise. :D
I love it too, theres places i really hate for fear of being shot but you get that with every area. I love City Centre & Mailbox is my fave place..........still wanna get to London tho.
True there are places like that every where. I am still unsure about the mailbox. Just a bit to much posing for me, but i have only been to a couple of places in there. May have to try some others soon. At the moment i really like Bambu, i find it cosy and intimate. The perfect place in Brum for Hed Kandi. Plus i think it is the best smelling club i have been in. :lol:
*chuckle* .. when I first went to BED I was really freaked out! Had read that this was one of the premier House Clubs and yet it smelled of sweaty feet!! Did you notice this last wekend Joey? Gotta say I didnt .. think I've got used to the smell now ..