HED KANDI - BED - SHEFFIELD ... This coming Saturday!



Roll call please ......................

I think we're 99.9% going ... not that I'm putting the pressure on Mike to go or anything, but I keep e mailing him stuff about how good it's going to be whilst he is at work ...

Gonna get there early ...

Thinking about going here, how much is it? never been before?
Also do you know the web site address?

There ya go !

The first one ... on Sept 6th, was AWESOME, and I expect more of the same this coming Saturday! Hoping that I will make it out of the main room this time .. only, it was so bloomin good last month, that I never moved from the main room !
Just wanted you all to know I'm bouncing up and down about this one .... I so so can't wait !

:D :D :D
By the way .. am having a grumble ! I sent an e mail to Lisa at Gatecrasher who is supposedly in charge of Paying Guest List ... I would have expected a set confirmation e mail by return .. but no, I'm still waiting!
So, yesterday I phoned .. left a message on the phone (they said they would get back to me) ... I gave both my e mail address and my mobile number ... guesst what? Yep, I'm still waiting!

All I want to do is know that I am on the Paying Guest List ... I WANT TO GET IN THE BLOOMING PLACE that's all .. I'm not asking for free entrance, I'm more than happy to pay!

What will it take for this club to get it's act together and focus a bit more on Customer Relations?
do you want me to go and sort her out Saffy :p i'll get me b'ham crew up there and slap her about a bit.

Seriously tho fink its disgusting that they wont even call you back :eek: