hed kandi 1/11

Saffy will almost definately be there. I'll prob attend seeing as theyre open till 5 (hopefully!) :p

BED is now open till 4 ... however, it generally goes on for another half hour or so after that.

nish .. you must come say hi to me, my friends live in Sheffield, and I'm sure they will offer for you to pop back to theirs afterwards ...

Unfortunately .. ONCE AGAIN .. Mike is working on the Sunday so we wont be partying :( (Roll on the December one when he wont be working the following day as I love my after parties ;) )
Saffy - i more than likely will, cant really do the November one anyway now as im moving in few weeks so need all the pennys i can get. Opefully they do the B'ham one tho b4 December one, that reminds me..............must call Bambu
he he. Its actually my mates birthday as well. Im thinking 'f*** it!' lets have some of Kandi tho ;) :p