heard at bora bora, Sept. of last year


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Please help with this track.... it was so amazing it woke me up when I was fading away in a lounge chair. When it came on, seriously EVERYONE on the beach was dancing. I almost cried thinking of the moment :( This cute, blonde curly haired DJ who worked with Ministry of Sound was spinning.... she was fantastic. This morning I heard it on id-t radio before Armin Van Buurens weekly Thursday set comes on. ANYWAYS this is all I know:
"Wherever you are, take me with you
....because we're destiny
I'm gonna follow you down that road
take me with you" Thats all I know. Its house and fresh, I dig. ANYONE?
The name of the tune is : Cosmos - Take me with you

Very nice track!!!

:lol: :)

Ibiza rules!!
bit of an odd video though
just full of falic symbols, very sureal :confused:
The instrumental version is the original which is the better, the girl dj will of been Tula, she's extremely good!
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks guys!! I am so happy u guys found it for me. Also thanks gecko, Tula's name was driving me nuts, I couldn't think of it... :rolleyes:
Probably got the answer by now - Cosmos - Take Me With You