Heard a good tune recently???



Alright guys, i'm trying to download as many wicked tunes and dj sets as possible before i go back to uni so if you've heard any recently that fall into the categories of either funky house or progressive trance let me know yeah? Current faves include Tiesto's set from Homelands, Layo and Bushwacka - Love Story and Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls. Pure class.
If you don't mind me asking, where are u downloading them from? I can't find n e where now napster and audio galaxy have shut down.
As for tunes I think 'underworld - two months off', is pretty good.
Oh my god boys! Napster shut down AGES ago!

You lot are way off the mark, what you need is Direct Connect

Then join a UK hub and you can download everything!

I got a Sasha set in Ibiza from last month, Tiesto and PVD set both from the night I was in Amnesia in Augest, Timo Mass set, Judge set, Slipmatt set, Alex P set, I got loads! You can all download them off me once you get Direct Connect
I'm on WinMX at the moment but i can't find that many ibiza sets to be fair. I was in ibiza this summer too and i'm trying to find the alex p/brandon block set from space on alex p's birthday cos it was f***in off the hook, had a wicked inspector gadget remix and rapper's delight, i was absolutely lovin it! How do you get direct connect?
Can anyone recomend good hubs to connect to?, ive installed direct connect but when i try to connect to a hub it disconnects me straight away